Cuvée Nº 1 Chips

Offers notes of coconut meringue, honey roasted almonds and shortbread cookies, with hints of burnt sugar and an enhanced mouthfeel.

Cuvée Nº 1 Tank Staves

A tank stave with unmistakable macaroon flavor. Nº 1 has qualities of toasted coconut, phyllo dough aromas, almond biscotti, toasted almonds and hazelnut with a taste of honeysuckle. Appealing for white wines.

Cuvée Nº 2 Chips

Impressions of classic creme brulee, butterscotch, pastry and waffle cone. The aromatics are accented by a soft and creamy mouthfeel.

Cuvée Nº 2 Tank Staves

Impressions of toasted marshmallow, vanilla creme, classic crème brulee and nougat. A little more full-bodied than Nº 1, adding more creamy intensity to both reds and whites.

Cuvée 3 Tank Staves

An opulent flavor blend, including concentrated notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate. The balance of roasted flavors across the toast gradient makes this tank stave an excellent choice for a variety of wines styles and varietals.

Cuvée  4 Tank Staves

Cuvée Nº 4 Imparting rich flavors that pair well with dark red fruit, Nº 4 is known for subtle vanilla, red spice and a luxurious finish. The barrel-like aromas and flavors are typical of a fully extracted American oak barrel.

Cuvée  5 Tank Staves

Cuvée Nº 5 Reminiscent of a first use French oak barrel, Nº 5 accentuates aromatic freshness through an integrated balance of fruit, spice and toast while enhancing structure with supple tannins.

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