Finishing Products for your Spirits

Give your spirit distinction with these recommended evOAK finishing products. Whether you’re barrel aging and looking for another oak component or working with a spirit that needs a different oak profile, our finishing products will help you achieve your desired results. Products are available in chips, staves, cubes and oak flavoring stix.

Configuration details

For additional information contact Amy LaHue, Oak Specialist.

Cuvee Tank Staves are crafted using proprietary batch technology to yield targeted flavor blends.

  • Cuvee 2: Impressions of toasted marshmallow, vanilla creme, classic crème brulee and nougat.

  • Cuvee 3: An opulent flavor blend, including concentrated notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate. The balance of roasted flavors across the toast gradient makes this tank stave an excellent choice for your spirit.

Precision Fire Toast tank staves are crafted using a proprietary toasting system allowing each stave to be toasted over an open-oak fire, just like a barrel, with state of the art controls to ensure consistency.

  • PFT Intense: This fire toasted stave takes flavor to the limit, with ample amounts of vanilla, apple pie spice, and rich toast evolving early on the palate and carrying through to finish.

  • PFT Savory: This stave is transformed by a profound toast over an oak fire, resulting in a richly toasted, roasted coffee bouquet that enhances dark fruits and lingers through a long finish.

High Extract staves deliverdeliver concentrated, singular flavor profiles to suit specific needs and are ideal for blending. With a quick extraction rate, the specialty high extract oak staves are ideal finishing products.

  • High Mocha: Showcases mocha with additional notes of vanilla and toast.

  • High Spice: Contributes cinnamon spice

  • Pure 2 High vanilla: Offers creamy mouthfeel with waffle cone and vanilla.

From the Classic Series:

  • French Oak Convection Heavy Toast: Computer controlled convection process creates tank staves with accelerated extraction of full bodied oak. Features Sweet Oak