evOAK’s industry-leading monitoring system ensures repeatable, consistent flavors, time after time. Experienced technicians are trained to produce the highest quality tank staves available today. The evOAK team performs several tests on the oak to ensure the highest quality possible that is expected of evOAK products.

Through professional consultations, evOAK’s team can provide you with custom flavor profiles, as well as niche and signature products to suit your unique situation and ambitions.

Air-dried American oak
Air-dried French oak

Size: 36” x 2.5” x 0.375” (91 cm x 6.4 cm x 0.95 cm)
1.5 sq. ft. per piece (0.133 m2)
Dimensions listed are prior to toasting. Slight variations in these dimensions can occur after toasting.

Toast Levels: Medium, Medium plus or Heavy

Toast Methods:

  • Convection Toast: Computer controlled convection process creates tank staves with accelerated extraction of full bodied oak.
  • Infrared Toast: Computer controlled infrared heat source provides tank staves with medium extraction of complex oak notes.
  • Double Toast: Combining both convection and infrared toasting results in a larger amount of extract. This toast method should be used when maximum extract is desired.
  • Fire Toast: Using the same oak fire toasting as in coopering, the fire toasted tank stave sensory profile is lighter and more subtle than other methods. Therefore, they require a more lengthy aging regime, resulting in the most barrel-like extraction.

Packaging: Shrink bundled in sets of 30 for convenience, easy storage, as well as safeguarding the oak. Covers used in shipping protect and maintain the food grade nature of the oak product.

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