Order a Sample Kit

750 ml bench trial kits available.

evOAK has made experiments easy with our Sample Kits. Simply select a wine of your interest that has not been exposed to oak for testing our oak products in a small-scale experiment.

A sample kit, including our specialty High Extract Infusion Staves, Tank Staves or Oak Chips & Powder test tubes will be delivered to you for testing.

An Example Protocol:

  1. Use a 750 mL bottle for each type of evOAK product and one more as control without oak addition.
  2. The dose is already prepared for you.
  3. The 750 mL bottles will be stored at room temperature and tasted after the recommended oak contact time. Of course, contact time will be dependent on wine intensity.

Please fill in the following form to receive a sample kit. We are able to ship samples to the following countries only due to shipping regulations and customs: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, United States.

Thank you for your interest in Oak Solutions Group.

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  • Best of Kit (12 different samples of our products; includes both chips and staves)
  • XT Series
  • Precision Fire Toast Series
  • Spirits Best of Sample Kit
  • Cuvee No.4 & No.5 Tank Staves
  • Powdered tannins (includes all six blends)
  • Aqueous tannins (aquadolce & aquatexture)
  • Aqueous tannins (aquadolce)
  • Aqueous tannins (aquatexture)